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During 2003 embedded^CL started developing a series of hardware designs targeted principally for industrial control and industrial process monitoring. The first working system, named yaz˙^5407, was based on Freescale's MCF5407 ColdFire 32-bit microcontroller. Mainly as a proof of concept, it featured a 100Mbps Ethernet interface, two RS-232 links, one RS-485 network support interface, two USB-host links, one USB-device link and IrDA communication. It also included a real-time clock and a Spartan-IIE Xilinx FPGA for special purpose applications like support for custom industrial modules. ÁClinux was ported to the system and its peripherals. Also, a Python BDM interface for board programming and testing was developed and released as free software as part of the PyET toolkit.

yaz˙^5407 was a relatively complex board since it had a lot of logic devices and was targeted for industrial environments. The final PCB layout consisted of 8 layers and used ground and split planes heavily. The yaz˙^5407 challenge proved to be an excellent development platform and brought a lot of insight about building and managing complex industrial controllers to embedded^CL.

yazu5407 board
[PDF schematic] [Design file] [XLS BOM] [HDL files]
BDM pod
[PDF schematic] [Design file] [HDL files]

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