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In parallel with the development of the yaz˙^5407 controller, a low power device was conceived in a small footprint in order to use it as a building block for a variety of embedded applications. Like the yaz˙^5407, the new board was also designed to admit custom modules and was equipped with an FPGA for integration flexibility. embedded^CL had working prototypes in early 2004, the final design using an Atmel AT91M42800A ARM7TDMI microcontroller and a Xilinx Spartan-IIE FPGA. The ARMermelator PCB board is made up of 6 layers and was carefully designed to fit all the components in its 3"x2" size area as shown below.

The board was commercialized as the ARMermelator and, although short-lived, it had a good acceptance in the embedded community.

ARMermelator board
[PDF schematic] [Design file] [XLS BOM]
ARMermelator programmer board
[PDF schematic] [Design file] [XLS BOM]
ARMermelator JTAG adapter
[PDF schematic] [Design file] [XLS BOM]

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