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Open Hardware

My previous company, embedded^CL, has allowed me to publish for the posterity and in an open-source fashion some of the proprietary hardware designs I created while working there. Please note that the information is provided 'as-is' under a slightly modified BSD license format.

The design files were created in Protel 99SE. Use the information as you wish in accordance with the copyright and what the license states. I don't have the resources to answer inquiries about the designs or give any kind of support. I don't even own a Protel license so I am unable to look or modify the files provided. Only the hardware designs (schematic, pcb, bom, basic hdl) are povided.



phyx is a simple telemetry access control system that utilizes Dallas iButton technology. It is designed around a Freescale MC68HC908AB32 microcontroller using a low cost DTMF modem. It can work plugged in or battery operated.


The yaz˙^5407 board consists of a Motorola MCF5407 processor, a Xilinx SpartanIIe FPGA, an Asix Ax88796L 10/100Base-T Ethernet controller, and a Philips ISP1161A USB controller. It also supports RS232, RS485 and IrDA. It uses SDRAM and Intel StrataFlash memory.


The ARMermelator board was conceived as a low cost, low power, general purpose embedded board targeted for OEM development and integration. It was designed to take advantage of the ARM7TDMI architecture and reconfigurable logic using an Atmel AT91 processor and a Xilinx Spartan IIe FPGA.

Copyright and license

Copyright (C) 2002-2004 Embedded CL S.A.

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